Hypocrisy fans animosity

The outcome of the George Zimmerman trial was the result of our justice system. But because the results were not desired by some on the left and by race-baiting people such as the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, it becomes an injustice. I’d bet their idea of justice is Zimmerman hanging from a tree. Some people on the left and people such as Jackson and Sharpton still think America has the atmosphere of 1963 Mississippi.


When President Obama (actually a biracial person) was elected, I heard that race relations were supposed to heal and things were going to be vastly improved. But let’s see – we have charlatans such as Sharpton and Jackson who feed on racial tensions, saying there was no justice in the Zimmerman verdict, but remain relatively quiet when blacks kill blacks in Chicago. Where is the justice for the slain in Chicago? What about the civil rights of the slain citizens in Chicago?

We have liberal media that also feed on racial tensions and race-baiting. We also have brainless athletes and celebrities making idiotic statements on Twitter.

Race issues will never improve while the hypocrisy persists among the media; irrelevant charlatans; and brain-dead celebrities and athletes.

People who are honest and have common sense know this to be true.

George J. Weber