Ignorance is damaging

The ignorance in this country is almost laughable if it were not so damaging. The following are just three examples of what I have seen lately.

First, the recent “not guilty” verdict in the case of George Zimmerman. The ignorance that I see here is the fact that the verdict of “guilty” was sealed when Zimmerman decided to get out of his car and follow Trayvon Martin. How can it not be an example of ignorance when the 911 dispatcher plainly told Zimmerman not to follow Martin! This was not a case of self-defense, but a case of ignorance and/or a case of racial profiling!

Second, the ignorance that surrounds the bill that would allow illegal immigrants to get on the fast track toward getting legal American citizenship. All one has to do is open the mind and the eyes to see that almost all of the undesirable jobs that are absolutely necessary are done by illegals! Why shouldn’t these hard -working people – human beings – be allowed to get American citizenship as soon as possible?

Third, more closer to home, is this boondoggle in North Augusta called Project Jackson. The ignorance in this is that the Aiken County government and the Aiken County school board will not demand that a countywide referendum be mandatory to go forward before county and school taxes are put in harm’s way! If the county and school board vote to back this boondoggle, then the citizens of Aiken County will be ignorant if we don’t demand that a third-party audit be performed to see where every penny of our tax dollars is going!

I am quite sure many other examples can be thought of. As I stated before, ignorance can be laughable when it is not injurious to others. But these examples are injurious to others! Perhaps these examples can be reversed for the good of other citizens.