Letter needs clarification

In response to Joe Fausnight’s letter to the editor July 10 (“‘Christian nation’ not free”): Mr. Fausnight stated, “America was founded by Christians – bigoted, white, slave-owning, protestant Christians.” I didn’t know that. Apparently George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and the entire Continental Congress were terrible people. I didn’t know they were all bigoted slave owners. Seems like a few of them must have been decent people – doctors, lawyers, politicians, etc. – who did not own or need slaves.


Mr. Fausnight stated that Hobby Lobby wants to impose the tyranny of a Christian nation on us. As I recall, Hobby Lobby was minding its own business when our tyrannical, left-wing, liberal government tried to impose its own brand of tyranny on them. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

“Mixing religion and government makes for both bad religion and bad government,” the writer said. Hobby Lobby and I agree, but our government is insisting on mixing themselves with our religion.

The writer says America is better as a result of judicial consolidation (whatever that is) of equal rights, women’s rights and separation of church and state back in the 1960s.

Let me translate: “Equal rights” mean gay rights. He did not say civil rights. “Women’s rights” means abortion is legal. He didn’t say sexual discrimination. “Separation of church and state” means recognizing atheists’ rights. Our government rarely recognizes religious rights unless you are Muslim.

Mr. Fausnight’s last sentence said, in part, “We expose the abuses of our government.” The definition of “expose” is “to make known publicly,” like Edward Snowden did. Reporting government abuses to the proper authority might be a better idea. Hopefully, the writer does not work for the National Security Agency.




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