Why not love one another?

I wonder: If all Baptist churches were to inquire how many gay members were in their congregations and openly asked them all to leave due to their sexual preference, how long would the churches survive?

I don’t have to believe they are right or wrong, but it seems hypocritical to deny the gay community the right to be Christians because of their belief in this matter. There probably are no pastors in the CSRA willing to ask that question, regardless of their faith. I’m greatly ashamed of the viewpoint toward the Boy Scouts of America, which is simply trying not to discriminate against these young people. Jesus reminds us not to judge one another and not to cast the first stone unless you’re without sin. Churches are supposed to support forgiveness and love for one another.

Having been raised Baptist, I choose to believe in marriage between male and female only, but it’s not my place to judge them. That will be done later by the Lord.



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