Scott Dean must be freed

I am writing on behalf of my conscience and the fact that an innocent man is still in jail! That man is Anthony Scott Dean.


I am not sure whom he upset in Columbia County, but by them using their power to punish a man and ruin his career; take away his life and his wife; and have to sign away his rights as a father is ridiculous!

What on Earth could Scott have done that would deserve that? Not what he was accused of, because everyone knew before, during and after the trial that he was not that man. Scott may be many things, but he is not capable of molesting children, especially not his own, and especially after all he and his wife went through to adopt those five children, to give them a Godly home, learn their language and invest in them for unselfish purposes based upon the calling they were given.

I went to school with Scott. We graduated high school together. We were best friends. I knew his wife then. I know her now. She took pictures at our 10-year class reunion. She took pictures of my daughter for prom. I kept up with them while Scott was mayor of Harlem – and the best mayor Harlem has ever had. He put that little city on the map – not for what he has been accused of, but for what he accomplished and the many lives on which he had a positive impact.

He never should have been tried in Columbia County. His lawyer should have known better. Trials like his normally take months, not days. I personally know Superior Court Judge James G. Blanchard Jr. He is a family friend. I have sat at the dinner table in my parent’s home and dined with him and his wife. I had nothing but the highest regard for him, but now I am beginning to wonder. He should have known better.

The prosecution was really reaching to even try to make a case. It did not matter what anyone said during trial – if you are accused of being a child molester then you are automatically guilty because that sin is just unheard of and intolerable, and those kinds of people need to be off the streets before they can harm anyone else. Scott is not perfect, but neither is anyone on the jury who found him guilty, nor the judge who handed him the maximum sentence.

Someone needs to own up to what they did. Scott was used as an example – for what, I don’t know – but he does not deserve what has been done to him.

Judgement Day is coming, and I pray that those involved in hurting Scott and his family find a conscience, and it happens that there is no other way for them to be able to live a normal life until they come clean and Scott Dean is set free.