Beloved pets' lives aren't expendable

When is it justified to kill a person’s pet? With all the incidents you hear about in the news in which the family pet is killed during some kind of police intervention, it seems that maybe we should rethink the way we approach these situations.

I do realize that in most cases the officer thought that his life was in danger, which does call for such action. But really? There are thousands of animal control officers who have to deal not only with family pets that are lost or have gotten loose but hundreds of feral and wild animals every day. Most don’t even have firearms to do their jobs.

The thought that the family pet is “just an animal” and is expendable is ludicrous. Most people with pets consider them part of the family and treat them that way. What would we think if your child was shot because they were confused and scared and doing what comes naturally, which for a dog is to protect its family? I know some dogs are capable of doing a lot of damage, and sometimes it can result in a fatality if the situation goes unchecked.

With the technology available today, why can’t we have a policy in which pet’s lives are treated with same respect as ours? We have the tools and the information to do that. I think it is time to rewrite some of the procedures that deal with this matter and start treating all our family members like their lives are worth saving. Remember: A dog’s job is also to protect and serve.



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