Mortality story incomplete

Has it been taken into account that since Augusta has such a huge medical community, we get more mothers coming here with dangerous childbirths for the best care? Often, outlying hospitals and doctors, lacking in the facilities for such childbirths, send their patients here for treatment. This is especially true for the trauma centers. When considering the high mortality rate for any childbirth issues in the greater Augusta area (“Maternal death rates highest in Georgia, Augusta,” June 21), this must be taken into account.

I find it difficult at best to understand how murder and suicide could exceed this problem here. We have no control over the murder rate. This shouldn’t even be a considering factor. Suicide? Why aren’t the doctors being looked at? They can’t recognize the signs of depression? Are they asking their postpartum patients the questions they should be to determine signs of depression? If they aren’t interviewing those patients (this may be a very large determining factor, since I suspect they aren’t interviewing them themselves and their staff are lacking in the required training and skills) maybe they should be looking at their staffing needs.

Murder and suicide never should be the highest cause of maternal postpartum deaths in an area with the facilities we have and the types of patients who are referred here.



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