Here's the real scandal

While I agree with many of the points in the July 7 lead editorial “The age of scandal,” there is one glaring untruth. There was no “IRS assault on conservative groups” any more than there was an assault on liberal groups. The whole thing is a fake scandal cooked up by U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa of California to score political points against the Obama administration.


In seeking to create a scandal instead of doing his job, Rep. Issa requested a list of conservative groups from the Internal Revenue Service that had been flagged for scrutiny in relation to seeking tax exemptions. What he got was a list of conservative groups. Had he requested a list of liberal groups, he would have gotten a list of liberal groups. In other words, political groups of all persuasions are scrutinized by the IRS before receiving tax exemption.

The real scandal is that any political groups are receiving tax exemption in the first place. But of course conservative media and politicians, in their zeal to stir up the base and lend credence to their insane hatred of this administration, totally ignore that fact.

As is proved by your example of hopelessly deluded and misinformed Augusta Chronicle reader David G. Brown, (“Scandals tough to follow” June 29), they are doing an excellent job. Mr. Brown should be advised to start reading the work of actual investigative journalists instead of just political hacks.

The writings of the talented and extraordinary journalist Robert Parry, who goes way beyond opinion and straight to the mat in his sourcing of facts, are an excellent place to start. There, Mr. Brown will discover that Washington scandals were around long before President Obama, and that “perception management” was practiced and perfected by Republican administrations mainly as a consequence of Watergate. But of course all conservatives have long since forgotten about Watergate. They also forgot to thank President Obama and a toothless Democratic Congress, under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, for refusing to prosecute the countless crimes of Bush administration figures in relation to this country’s disastrous war in Iraq – the costs of which morally, socially, diplomatically and financially we are saddled with forever. Try following any of that.

The so-called “age of scandal” of today absolutely pales in comparison.



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