Job demands hurt grads

I am a 2012 medical assistant graduate, and have been searching for a job since the day I graduated.


The problem with gaining employment is that every want-ad I read for the position of medical assistant requires the applicant to have one to three years of experience. How are people to gain the experience in any position they apply for if the employers are not willing to give graduates a chance? I think that this would be a good question to pose in The Augusta Chronicle, and would appreciate it if you could do this for me and other graduates.

I have searched on every website possible for employment, such as Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and others โ€“ yet they all require experience. If graduates were given a chance to prove themselves, they at least would have the chance at gaining experience. In the past, employers were willing to give applicants the chance to prove themselves.

Graduates spend thousands and thousands of dollars to gain knowledge and get a degree so they can gain employment โ€“ yet no employers are willing to help the new graduates. I have carried between a 3.76 and 4.0 grade-point average and still cannot even be called in for an interview, let alone gain employment.

I remember a time when employers would train the people they hired, which appears not to be a factor in this day and age. However, it is required now for applicants to go to college and get a degree. Well, I have that degree, and presently am a student for another degree in hopes of gaining employment with that next degree.

Maybe employers are not aware of this problem for graduates.



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