Guest column outrageous

Does The Augusta Chronicle have any quality standards for a guest columnist? If so, the column by Joaquin Godoy on June 30 falls in the category of “What were you thinking?” This so-called column was a litany of calumnies against this country and some of its leaders.


Mr. Godoy accuses Ronald Reagan of killing peasants, women and children. It’s too bad he chose to malign President Reagan with unsubstantiated charges instead of crediting his policies for being instrumental in bringing down the Berlin Wall and ending the Soviet Empire that murdered millions of its citizens.

Mr. Godoy accuses Bill Clinton of attempting to demolish Barack Obama, claims that George Bush is a clown and asserts that the United States is a violent nation with more crime than all of Europe. Is there anything this man likes about the country that has enabled him to live a very prosperous life and retirement?

Mr. Godoy’s most outrageous accusation of all is this comment: “One of our biggest problems is that we really believe America is unique and the best nation in the world.” Some problem, huh?

The above are just a few of the hateful comments of Mr. Godoy. To be honest, the remaining comments are just too disorganized and confusing to be addressed.

To sum up, we have a man who emigrated to this country to take advantage of the freedom and opportunity we offer. He was successful and became a prosperous insurance executive, and now he accuses this very same country of being – in his words – barbaric, violent and the most hated nation in the world.

What a sad commentary.




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