City's help line needs help

I am a concerned citizen of the city of Augusta. I have been calling the Augusta Cares help line for the past two years reporting overgrown lots (occupied and unoccupied), overgrown ditches and streets with no street signs. Street lighting on Walton Way doesn’t work effectively because of the darkness in some areas.


It has taken two years of calling to finally see results with some of the areas I have reported – the Watkins Street area, Second Street, the 400 block of East Boundary Street, Forsythe Street and others. Thank you very much for taking care of these areas of concern.

It’s very difficult getting through to Augusta Cares because the telephone lines are always busy. When I can get through, I report what deficiencies I have observed. I have tried to reach Mayor Deke Copenhaver since June 16, to no avail.

Recently upon my calling, the staff has been passing me off to supervisors. One day I was told I was holding up the lines. Most recently, on July 2, another person told me basically the same.

Now, please tell me: Is this how professional office personnel should talk to a concerned citizen? I’m sure I am not the only person reporting these problems because the lines are always busy. Obviously, many other citizens are reporting similar concerns.

I am concerned about the city. Shouldn’t everyone else be concerned as well?




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