Is this point of no return?

Our national credit card has been overdrawn to a point of no return and no redemption in the future.

Balance the budget? How? More than one-third of our population (128 million) receive federal benefit assistance. Forty-eight million alone are on food stamps (Department of Agriculture). During the past 40 years, disability rolls have increased 80 percent while the population has grown only 50 percent, according to the Heritage Foundation. Immigrants of the past two centuries have grown this country into an unbelievable high standard of living. This new wealth also has brought a declining birth rate among affluent families with higher education. Only immigrants are upholding our population now. When my family came under the Displaced Persons Act in 1951, we had to guarantee to not seek any public benefit of any kind for five years and then apply for citizenship in English only. We were proud to become American citizens.

Remember when the Roman armies were involved in foreign wars while the home population decayed down the road to selfishness and to the end of the Roman Empire more than 1,700 years ago? Learn from history – or is this happening to us?


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