Obamacare indoctrination?

Schools should be teaching the basics – mathematics, reading, writing, science. But, and this might not surprise you, the Los Angeles Unified School District will use a $990,000 state grant to train teens to promote Obamacare to family members. Covered California, the state’s health insurance exchange, received grants totaling $37 million. This will be used to promote the new health-care law statewide.


Now, some might be OK with this. After all, people need to be informed and need to know how Obamacare will work. But others say this is just another form of government indoctrination, and will result in more people becoming more dependent on the government.

The thought process behind this test program is that there is growing concern that not enough people will sign up and not enough states will meet the deadline for setting up exchanges. In fact, some states – I believe Georgia is one – have decided not to set up an exchange. This could mean big problems for a law that already is considered by some to be nightmare.

I also heard that the Department of Health and Human Services is working with the NFL to run commercials supporting Obamacare. Don’t you think that if Obamacare was so great, everyone, including members of Congress, would sign up as quickly as possible?

You would not need to advertise.

The story was reported by Fox News. I did not see it reported on other major media sources. So even if you do not trust Fox News, go and research this program. Be informed, not indoctrinated.

George J. Weber




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