Smoking is bad, but legal

I read with interest the June 27 syndicated column by Walter Williams (“Bit-by-bit strategy is classic trait of government encroachment”).


In it he gave several examples of how the government busybodies and tyrants start with a small issue or request and as soon as they are triumphant they extend and magnify it. Such is the case with the current blathering about extending the existing smoking ban to include our private vehicles, bars and certain other outdoor areas. What’s next – our homes? Don’t smirk; I’m sure it’s on their radar screens.

I am not a smoker. I quit more than 30 years ago, and yes, if I’m in proximity of someone smoking, it bothers me. But I’m an adult; I know how to remove myself from that situation. If there is a business that allows smoking, don’t go there. Don’t apply for a job if you know the business allows smoking. Do whatever you must to personally boycott these places. Just don’t try to impose your opinions and moral guidelines on others.

There are existing statewide laws that ban smoking in most public places where children would be present. Aren’t those enough? Do we really need additional intrusion into our private businesses and vehicles?

I think the free enterprise system and peer pressure would take care of the private sector just fine without this added interference of government, busybodies and/or tyrants.

Smoking is a despicable, unhealthy habit, but it’s legal. I would support measures that would eliminate the laws that allow it, but I can’t support stealthily taking our personal freedoms and liberties one plank at a time. It seems to me this is more about one group imposing its will on another, rather than finding a solution that’s fair for everyone.




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