America is losing stature

Not many remember the Potsdam Treaty, immediately following the end of World War II, wherein Germany and Europe were divided into east and west sectors. The Soviet Union controlled the entire east and the United Kingdom, France and the United States controlled the west. Countries under the United States, France and Britain remained as sovereign nations while East Germany and the rest of the east was under the yoke of the Soviets. West Berlin became divided into three sectors controlled by France, Britain and the United States.

In the late 1940s, the Soviets attempted a blockade of the west’s points of entry to West Berlin, thereby leaving the inhabitants of West Berlin without supply routes for food, coal and all other humanitarian needs for survival.

The west maintained air corridors for entry into and out of West Berlin, and they used them day and night, 24/7, flying supplies into West Berlin. After a time, the Soviets gave up the blockade.

Considering the situation today – wherein China and Russia have no respect for the current administration and consider the United States as weak and uncommitted to foreign affairs – what would happen to the former West Berlin today?


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