Writer hits disgusting low

As I read the editorial page once again, I was subjected to the ignorant and archaic views of our God-fearing neighbors.


Under the sanctimonious heading “America is godless nation” (June 15), Richard Hogue proceeds to expound in a letter to the editor upon his hate faith declaring that homosexuality is a moral choice, an affront to God and an insult to Christians. To further bolster his personal beliefs, he states that homosexuals have useless genetic potential and are actively pursuing the indoctrination of America’s youth. Not surprisingly, he goes on to reference Hitler and the Fourth Reich.

The editorial page is not the forum to debate religion, race, personal liberties and basic human rights, so I will not indulge in a debate – much as I’d love to. However, I do not for one moment believe The Augusta Chronicle would print the personal agendas of the Ku Klux Klan, Westboro Baptist Church, the Nazi Party, al-Qaida, etc. (yet what common denominator appears in all the above stated, as well as in Hogue’s letter?).

Ignorance often is humorous, and religion and politics often make for provocative commentary. Prejudice, however, is shameful and unfortunately still thriving in our proud city. One would have hoped that in this day and age that The Chronicle would hold itself to a higher standard.

Perhaps it is deplorable that, as Hogue wrote, our “government sponsors abortions” – just as it’s deplorable that it does not enforce retroactive ones as well.

Carol Simpson


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