But what about drinking?

I was reading a story in the paper recently about banning smoking in public places. I agree with this, but why make such a big deal? Just do it.

Here are my thoughts: How many people have
been stopped by a cop for over-smoking, and how many people are killed by drunken drivers? I know smoking kills people, but one drunk can kill a lot of people, so why not make bars cut back on what they can let people drink?

Drinking has caused a lot families to break up, or the wife gets beat up, or the children get hit by a drunk. My father was a drunk. This is why I am against drinking – because this causes more trouble than smoking.

I think all bars should have a breath-tester. When customers leave the bar, they have to blow into it and have to give up their keys if they blow over the legal blood-alcohol limit. A cab is called or a person with them can drive them.


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