Superintendent is superb

I wholeheartedly salute Frank Roberson, superintendent of the Richmond County school system, for the way he handled two conflicts recently. When confronted, he showed true and courageous leadership.


According to a June 5 Augusta Chronicle article, PTA President Monique Braswell demanded an apology and wanted her name cleared in a bank account controversy. Roberson said “that he never accused Braswell of stealing money and does not owe her an apology,” and he is “man enough to apologize, if an apology were in order.”

In a June 6 article, Roberson told a protest leader, the Rev. Franklin Victor Beckles, that he had no evidence that verifies any of his claims and no reasons to discipline Copeland Elementary School Principal Kimberly Davis. Roberson also told Beckles that he would not tolerate anyone slandering his employees without proof.

I first met Roberson in 1977 when I was principal at Tubman Junior High School, and he was a student at Paine College. He was assigned to do his teaching internship at Tubman. I was very impressed with the young Roberson because he displayed outstanding character, integrity, enthusiasm, compassion and a great work ethic. He did exceptionally well with the students and was admired immensely by the staff.

As the years passed, I followed his career and academic achievements, and was quite elated when he was named superintendent.

We are very fortunate to have Roberson lead our public school system. In ample time, we will see system-wide progress and increased academic achievement.

Tracy E. Williams Jr.




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