Improve our downtown

Ronald Owens (“GreenJackets are gold mine,” June 12) hit the nail square on the head! The baseball team is a gold mine that Augusta commissioners have failed to recognize. We do not need to lose another money-generating event!


While I do not feel that Hammond’s Ferry is the answer to the permanent location of the stadium, Augusta commisioners need to think long and hard about finding a solution to our downtown decline.

I am not a native of Augusta or Georgia. I grew up in Oklahoma City. Why is this significant? If anyone has any knowledge of how rapidly Oklahoma City is growing, he or she would find some interesting information that could help Augusta’s downtown.

A tax increase was voted on by the people of Oklahoma City to improve upon varying projects. Those projects included a brand-new baseball stadium that served as a launching point for reinventing downtown. That same tax increase helped improve schools. Downtown Oklahoma City was a crime-ridden area that you did not go into after dark. Businesses began popping up in what was once the social center of the city, occupying old store fronts.

Mr. Owens is right. Our commissioners need to look into our future. We have good elements to have a thriving downtown.

Justin Henderson




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