Responsibility is absent

It does not take one long to realize that the days of Harry “The Buck Stops Here” Truman are long gone and not to be repeated. An observation of the current executive branch would lead one to believe all its members were dipped into a large vat of Teflon, as nothing seems to stick.


I am a retired U.S. Army veteran with more than 41 years of military and civilian service, and one thing I learned early on in my career is that one can delegate authority, but not responsibility! The commander or person in charge always remains responsible for the actions, good or bad, that occur on his watch. That is, except in the current administration, in which no one seems to take responsibility – from the Black Panther voting precinct fiasco, to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, to the AP/Rosen situation, to the IRS targeting of conservative groups, to what now appears to be another scandal in the Environmental Protection Agency!

Yet, has anyone had the integrity or character to accept responsibility, from Attorney General Eric “I Don’t Know” Holder, to the clueless IRS commissioners or the one most responsible of all, President Barack “I Learned It from the News” Obama?

Imagine that – the president has no clue what is happening within the branch of government for which he is personally responsible. Does he ever hold Cabinet meetings? Does he ever talk to his department heads? Does he do anything but accept the kudos for what may be done right?

I am appalled at the lack of personal responsibility, integrity and character exhibited by those holding such high offices! It speaks poorly of each person and, most importantly, shows the rampant corruption that exists within the executive branch of government.

It appears that Chicago-type politics has invaded Washington. What an embarrassment!

Robert B. Dandridge

Wagener, S.C.



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