Lift DDT ban

Ayman Fadel (“DDT no solution to malaria,” May 31) is wrong about Walter Williams, DDT and Rachel Carson.


“The scientific literature does not contain even one peer-reviewed, independently replicated study linking DDT exposures to any adverse health outcome [in humans],” said Dr. Amir Attaran, a malaria expert formerly with the World Health Organization and now with Harvard University’s Center for International Development.

“Carson and those who joined her in the crusade against DDT have contributed to millions of preventable deaths. Used responsibly, DDT can be quite safe for man and the environment,” said former surgeon general and retired U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Dr. Harold M. Koenig.

“The ban on DDT, founded on erroneous or fraudulent reports and imposed by one powerful bureaucrat, has caused millions of deaths, while sapping the strength and productivity of countless human beings in underdeveloped countries. It is time for an honest appraisal and for immediate deployment of the best currently available means to control insect-borne diseases. This means DDT,” wrote J. Gordon Edwards, Ph.D., professor emeritus of entomology at San Jose State University.

Thomas “Woody” Highsmith



(The writer is retired from the Georgia Department of Agriculture Entomology & Pesticides division, was a Department of Defense pest control contractor in Afghanistan from 2006-2009, and is currently facilities pest controller at the Carl Vinson Veterans Medical Center in Dublin, Ga.)

DDT no solution to malaria


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