Leave funds in classrooms

Concerning the June 2 story “School system’s financial picture forcing heavy funding cuts”:


Things are really getting ridiculous. After retiring, I have been substituting for the Richmond County school system. To see these principals suggesting having teachers take over absent teachers’ classes to eliminate using substitutes to save money has got to be a joke. First, basic substitutes are paid $53 a day, which is a bargain. That amount is not worth the time it takes me to get ready, much less to handle 25 kids for seven hours.

Second, it is all most teachers can do to maintain between a college-roar and a full-scale riot in their own classrooms. Watching another class would be unfair, unsafe and unrealistic for the teacher and the students.

Cut administrators, coordinators and their staffs. Leave the funding where it belongs – that is, in the classroom, not at district headquarters.

James C. Murray, Jr.




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