Can't we just coexist here?

This is in response to the article titled “Churches split on gay youths,” which is about certain religious groups that have condemned all involvement with the Boy Scouts of America since its decision to not exclude gay kids.


Parents associated with these groups are pulling their kids out of the Scouts and encouraging them to “stand up for what they believe.”

But such a reaction goes beyond standing for your own moral convictions. What are we really teaching our kids by pulling them out of the Scouts? That we shouldn’t even try to coexist in a group with gay people?

What happens when they grow up and they end up having to work with a gay person at their office? Are they going to have to quit their job because they are in the same organization as a gay person?

It’s not like BSA is asking anyone to renounce their faith or is asking the straight kids to participate in “gay workshops,” whatever that means. It honestly boggles my mind that people feel the need to react this way. Are we not meant to coexist in society with gay people, because that’s the message that is being delivered here.

Dallas Duff




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