No grounds to be offended

Pro golfers Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia are engaged in a public feud of words. Recently, Sergio launched a “fried chicken” comment at Tiger. Tiger claimed foul. However, his claim is disingenuous. How can Garcia’s fried chicken statement be offensive to Tiger Woods?


First, Tiger publicly stated that South Park was one of his favorite TV programs. South Park is a racially, sexually and morally offensive program. Why is South Park not offensive to Woods?

Second, while married, Tiger had multiple adulterous affairs. Why was adultery not offensive to Woods?

Third, during golf tournaments, Tiger routinely has unleashed profanity-laden outbursts in the presence of underage spectators. Why is cursing not offensive to Woods?

Therefore, in the case of Garcia’s fried chicken comment, it appears Tiger use of the “victim of racism” card is not legitimate.

I like Tiger Woods. I believe he is the greatest golfer to have ever played the game. But, like all humans in the 21st century, Tiger is only offended when it is to his advantage.

Kevin Palmer




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