Mexican soda unexpected

I was in Aiken, S.C., for the Memorial Day parade recently and bought a bottle of Coca-Cola from a small café on Laurens street. The bottle was similar to the old Coca-Cola glass bottles but much taller.

On looking at the bottle, I saw that all of the information printed on the bottle was in Spanish. I have no problem with Coca-Cola catering to its Spanish-speaking customers living in the United States, but this was not a Hispanic café. Nothing on the menu was Hispanic, and none of the many customers appeared to be Hispanic. On closer examination of the bottle, I saw the words “Hecho en Mexico” (Bottled in Mexico). The only English on the bottle was on a small, barely legible, paper stick-on label that had the information required for sale in the United States.

A Coca-Cola bottling company in Augusta and Coca-Cola’s headquarters in Atlanta, and Coca-Cola is being imported from Mexico? I thought I had seen everything, but this tops them all!

Irvin Ingraham



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