Let's emulate San Antonio

After visiting San Antonio several years ago, this has been on my mind, but after viewing a recent American Profile supplement in The Augusta Chronicle, I decided to speak on my thoughts.


Why can’t Augusta do something with the river and canal more like San Antonio’s River Walk? Augusta could have stone arches, bridges and walkways that would bring new businesses and people to downtown Augusta for shopping, eating and pure enjoyment!

It could connect to the shopping area that never was – where the Bass Pro Shop was going to be built. There could be water taxis for transportation to downtown. The walking/cycling trail now being completed could be a part of this plan.

Instead of paying big bucks for all the studies (such as for the baseball stadium, which is null and void), why not use the money to make something unique and attractive for Augusta?

Will the mayor and the commissioners get off their rumps and take a cue from San Antonio to make downtown Augusta attractive to all, or will they just sit around taking a back seat to people such as Georgia Regents University President Ricardo Azziz and leave downtown Augusta the same as always – crime-ridden and boring?

Nancy Lee Dixon




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