GOP dominance is crucial

The flood of government lawyers with the consent of our politicians continue to handcuff Americans with regulations. The House passed a bill that would require the Securities and Exchange Commission to measure the cost-benefit relationship of all new regulations passed. Not surprisingly, the president opposed the bill. Clarity and honesty in government is not his cup of tea.

The record of the past 20 years has shown the cost of regulations per household has risen to $14,768 (“Red Tape Record Breakers,” The Wall Street Journal, May 20). Mr. Obama continues as the red-tape record holder. Republicans also have contributed heavily to regulating everything we do and manufacture over the years – beholden to special-interest groups. The Environmental Protection Agency dictatorship has largely choked off American entrepreneurship; the banks are not helping either with their restrictive regulations. Can the GOP restore reasonable leadership once more?

Hard-core conservative principles do not win the election after candidates butcher one another. There will have to be reasonable compromise on divisive issues such as the debt ceiling, taxing policy, spending cuts and entitlement reform – and stay away from abortion issues. GOP, you cannot accomplish anything until you have dominance in Congress and the White House.

S.G. von Schweinitz




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