Build arena elsewhere

Previously, I was not for baseball going to North Augusta, as Augusta’s Lake Olmstead Stadium is not bad. However, after seeing what the James Brown Arena has done to destroy RiverHawks hockey – allowing carelessness to damage the ice system repeatedly by allowing heavy trucks in there at other events – I am now very much in favor of the baseball move to North Augusta.


I’d like to see a new arena go to North Augusta also, so we can get pro hockey again. They could get arena football again there, too, as the inept arena folks have ruined that too in past times. Augusta doesn’t deserve a good arena, which careless idiots running things now demonstrate.

Actually, I’d like for Columbia County Commission Chairman Ron Cross and Columbia County to step up and put the new arena there at the Grovetown exit off Interstate 20 – anywhere but Richmond County, so decisions are made for business reasons, not racial reasons

Columbia County could really put itself on the map with the new arena, new hotels, restaurants, lounges and a bigger tax base.

Who’s going to step up and give this area a modern arena, like all our competitor cities around us?

Sam G. Roney




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