Foxes investigate chickens

The president has confirmed that the IRS has been illegally strong-arming conservative groups – the same IRS that will enforce Obamacare. Expect another round of worthless million-dollar hearings resulting in no arrests, firings, or jail time.


I believe the U.S. Attorney General has broken the law but has simply thumbed his nose at Congress. U.S. Rep. Charlie Rangel helped write the U.S. tax codes and was found guilty of tax cheating by an ethics committee – and, as usual, no jail time.

Four American heroes were murdered at a U.S. embassy in Libya, on American soil, and the Democrats want to kick the scandal under the rug – and rightfully so, since again there will be no metered punishment. We have a $16 trillion debt, apparently with no intentions of ever paying the bill. This makes Congress a bunch of deadbeats.

So we have all these deadbeat congressmen gearing up for hearings on hoodlums and thugs in the IRS. The foxes are about to investigate missing chickens. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is correct: “At this point, what difference does it make?”

Willie M. Barber




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