Put police office downtown

The idea of cameras to stop crime sounds good on the surface, while in reality all it does is direct and move the crime elsewhere. The problem has existed in numerous communities in the country.


Why try to re-invent the wheel? South Bend, Ind., has the answer.

Crime accelerated in its downtown, especially on Notre Dame football weekends, when 70,000 people visited primarily for the entire weekend. Visiting students, parents, alumni and fans flooded the downtown restaurants and imbibing locations. Also, the criminal element increased.

South Bend answered the challenge by the police department renting out an empty storefront and permanently locating an adjunct police office in the space. That was recommended by the president of the city council, who also was a member of the police force.

It worked. Crime stats dropped, and arrests were made so the criminals couldn’t act elsewhere.

Give it a try, Augusta. It works.

Theodore Foti