Quit numbers game

Federal spending is scheduled to go up for fiscal year 2013. In spite of sequestration, our spending still is going up, yet we still are threatened with cuts, from White House tours to training for our pilots in the armed services.


It’s $85 billion in so-called cuts, or is it $44 billion since the fiscal year was half over? But to this administration, it’s a magical sum of money. It is being blamed for every economic problem from stagnant growth to disappointing numbers in employment – or shall we say unemployment?

Numbers floated for jobs lost to sequestration cuts range up to 750,000. Yet in 2009, with the Obama stimulus bill of almost $900 billion, we weren’t sure if any new jobs were really created. We do know a lot of friends of Democrats benefitted.

And the administration had to come up with a new term to justify the spending – “jobs saved,” a term that is unprovable.

Come on, people, this is really very sad. We deserve better than this.

Rob Feero




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