Pope to lead world's youths

The 14th International World Youth Day 2013 will be July 23-28 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, with more than a million youths gathered to hear Pope Francis talk about the passage in Matthew’s Gospel: “ Go and make disciples of all peoples.”

There will be youths there from Georgia, and they will listen intently to the talks and sharings of Pope Francis, as he is a humble man of God whose passion is to talk about the Jesus Christ who came to serve, love and bless, and to teach about the love of God coming to us in the Holy Spirit. Jesus came to do good, and to do it for the honor and glory of God in our daily lives – each time we have the opportunity to affect another’s life with Christian charity.

Pope Francis, a man of the Southern Hemisphere, knows quite well that all the youths are seeking answers to the challenges of life they face at home, at school and in the workplace. They seek to make a difference for the better by their active practice of their baptismal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ now and for the rest of their lives.

These youths will hear Pope Francis making comments to which they can easily relate. Pope Francis will touch their minds and hearts with a very straightforward approach of faith in action for these youths to follow when they return to their native countries.

So be aware of the great, wonderful way all youths around the world will convene for that week in July to go forth and make disciples of all peoples encouraged by Pope Francis.



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