Family cohesion is weakening

Is the small drop in national unemployment figures anything to cheer about? Hardly.


Along with population growth, we are experiencing a shrinking work force. Low- and middle-income jobs have decreased while more people have moved into a government-subsidized living standard with no loss of disposable income. It does not pay for a $38,000-a-year worker to seek an outside job if he can replace most if not all of that through taxpayer-financed multitudes of welfare programs.

In this “me” generation with teenagers having babies, no worry – Uncle Sam will collect from the rich to pay you. Before family cohesion broke down, some governments would pay a family a subsidy for additional children to reverse their negative birth rate and maintain a healthy nation.

With our great and divisive debate about abortion, the pro-life advocates (mostly men) lament the loss of thousands of babies. Yes, a tragedy – but I see none of these people stand up and apply to adopt an unwanted child.

It’s more than hypocrisy, I am sure. Why do some people go to Russia or South America to adopt children? Is there no national policy for child adoption? A bureaucratic nightmare? Abortion clinics should not be the first or second stop. Some great American citizens have grown up in orphanages such as Father Flanagan’s Boys Town in Nebraska and others who surpass the love and quality of life of some irresponsible single parents.

Regardless of the laws, there always will be abortions. Put your efforts into alternative solutions.

S.G. von Schweinitz