Azziz's exploitation stinks

Concerning the article “Azziz to reimburse GRU for resources used at private wedding” (April 23), there are several aspects of this story that seem as if they have an odor:


• Normally, private misuse of public assets results in an indictment by the grand jury. When is this act going to be reviewed, if ever? As a citizen, I ask you to compare this act to an act that a past Saluda County, S.C., sheriff did using inmate labor for private use or gain. Each of these acts seems very similar to me. What do you think?

• The difference in the repayment amount of $416 compared to the $1,600 that the public would pay for access to the same assets makes it seem as if the taxpayer is getting a raw deal, according to my arithmetic! What would your checkbook say?

• University policy states that the university “must provide security” for the president’s home. This is acceptable and is meant for the safety of the university president and his dependents living at the home. However, it is not meant for the exploitation by the university president where security is used at a private wedding party for a niece, who is not a taxpayer responsibility in any way. Maybe Georgia Regents University President Ricardo Azziz’s niece should have had the party at the Partridge Inn and paid the rates that a normal taxpayer would pay.

Where are the checks and balances that stop this type of misuse? This is not the first time that Azziz has misused funds. For example, do you remember the $45,500 in taxpayer funds that were used for a university name study, and then the study was not presented to the Board of Regents for consideration by Azziz?

Azziz thinks he can get away with anything because in the past he has without any recourse or reaction by the community at-large or our elected leaders.

Perry W. Burton




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