Freer? Yes. Better? No

I would like to comment on Andy C. Reese’s letter “Liberals built freer world” (April 22). The title is correct: They did make a freer world – but not a better world!


They are the ones who removed the Bible and prayer from our schools, and the Ten Commandments from our courtrooms. They legalized abortions and pornography on the Internet, and in our schools children learn how to have safe sex. Teenage pregnancies are a problem. Legalizing drugs and sanctioning the homosexual lifestyle are part of the liberal agenda, and in each year 17,000 people will die in America from AIDS. None of this is of the character of Christians and conservatives.

The liberal teaching of humanism, socialism and atheism is taking its toll on our society. We can’t teach ethics and morals anymore because then we would be bordering on religion, and liberals don’t want that in our workplace, schools or government. Besides, religion and homosexuality in the classroom wouldn’t do well.

In Mr. Reese’s letter he seems to give credit to liberals for the development of virtually all inventions and science, which is not true! Search “the scientific 100” and you will learn that the majority of all fields of science were developed by Christians and the Jewish people.

Mr. Reese also gives credit to liberals for the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and creating the abolition of slavery and freedom of religion. I don’t believe I even have to comment on that! If today’s liberals were living at that time, when America had to decide to fight for her freedom, we would still be under British rule!

Yes, today we have a freer world to do as each wills – but will we survive where this freedom is leading us?