Gun policies misguided

I am not politically correct in my speech, because unlike Vice President Joe Biden and other members of the Obama administration, I didn’t live off the government teat. I had to work for a living, so I will say what I mean.


First of all, I will not call Biden “Mr. Vice-President.” I respect that office too much, and I have absolutely no respect for him as a person whatsoever. He has the mental ability of a tabletop.

He pushes for gun-control bills that will cover “automatic weapons” and “multiround magazines.” If he looks on the books he will find that those weapons already are covered by ample laws that he, in fact, voted on.

Biden is calling the guns he and this administration don’t want the citizens of the United States to have “assault weapons” – and he has put all semiautomatic hunting rifles in that lump, just because an armory made a hunting rifle with the same looks as a military weapon but cannot fire an automatic burst of fire.

Biden, in all his infinite wisdom, decided to make that against the law for all semiautomatic weapons – not for the good of the people, but just to keep him and the fools in this administration in the political spotlight. And he surrounded himself during his diatribe with little children, like other politicians did in the late 1930s in Europe.

What Biden, U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer and this administration are really doing is hiding the fact that he wants to discriminate against the handicapped hunter whom those rifles were intended for in the first place. A one-armed person has great difficulty loading a bolt-action rifle for a second shot.

Biden should please stop showing the people of the world how naïve he really is. It’s bad enough that this administration is ruining this country without Biden making us the laughingstock of the world.

Oh, that’s right – it’s still Bush’s fault, isn’t it?

Dennis Duguay

North Augusta, S.C.