Vote Mark Sanford

Congratulations to former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford for a decisive win in South Carolina’s First District congressional runoff election.


Sanford stomped 15 other strong candidates in the special Republican primary election to emerge victorious as our Republican nominee for this crucially important congressional seat. A Republican has served in the First District seat for the past 32 years. Republicans control six of seven South Carolina congressional seats, and it is important to keep this one. Sanford served as the First District congressman for three terms before deciding to serve as governor for two (mostly) excellent terms.

Some of us Republicans are deeply respectful of Sanford’s stellar record of resistance to hardened tax money addicts and tax-and-eat government.

Sanford has the wealth of political experience that we desperately need in Congress, and he is committed to an ideal of limited government that we desperately need in Washington, D.C.

Please vote Mark Sanford on May 7.

Joseph A. Murray

Walterboro, S.C.



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