Progressivism is killing us all

Michelle Malkin’s syndicated column on homicides in Chicago under democratic socialism (“Smiley-face lies and homicide hogwash in Democratic cesspools,” April 8) is a only microcosm of our death-dealing culture.


“Progressive” judges made abortion legal – more than 50 million deaths in America and who knows how many millions worldwide. Scandinavian countries have legalized euthanasia; Jack Kevorkian won continued praise for his “assisted” suicides; and Obamacare necessarily brings the specter of “death panels.” The 1973 decision of the American Academy of Psychiatrists to “normalize” homosexuality has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths from HIV/AIDS; infected many more; and diverted billions from cancer, heart and less “politically correct” diseases. Need I name Stalin and Hitler, who were earlier political progressives?

My detractors will throw back to me the “wars of religion,” the Crusades and violence perpetrated in the name of “religion.” Two points and I am done:

• Biblical Christianity should not be lumped with “other religions.” While we have our errors that led to deaths in history, our totals pale in comparison the various religions of man: communism, totalitarianism, socialism, Nazism and others. And that does not begin to address the positive social values of biblical religion: public education, hospitals, democratic republics, the end of slavery in the Western world and the cessation of animal and human sacrifices.

• The “wars of religion” were almost never about religion, which was and is used only as an excuse to maim, murder and steal.

To any reasonable mind, democratic socialism promotes poverty, disease and death by immeasurable millions. Biblical Christianity promotes prosperity, health and life by greater numbers. History and current events prove that socialistic and communistic schemes never have even been able to feed themselves and have massively killed their own citizens. Malkin’s description of Chicago is a microcosm of the whole.

The choice is simple, but infinitely profound: Choose life and health or disease and death. “Those that hate Me love death” (Proverbs 8:36).

Ed Payne, M.D.