Obama's remarks were fair

For President Obama to have lavished positive praise and recognition upon California’s state attorney general, Kamala Harris, it was a beautiful, chic and cool thing to do.


How could his remarks have been sexist when he plainly stated that Ms. Harris was brilliant, dedicated, tough and a good-looking female?

Our president has 20/20 vision; therefore, his eyes didn’t deceive him about this lady’s beauty. He shouldn’t have been ridiculed for being a thoughtful and gracious president.

Young and talented musical rappers of color are given the green light to demean, disgrace and humiliate women of color to the lowest common denominator with their gross and nasty musical lyrics. But our president was unjustly criticized for articulating sincere and beautiful words toward a woman of color. What is wrong with this picture?

Mr. Obama shouldn’t have apologized for his well-intended remarks because he only spoke the truth. Have we as Americans reached the point where a man can’t compliment a female for her exquisite beauty?

If complimentary beauty remarks come under the category of not being politically correct, then I pray to God to restore humanity and sanity to our nation.

I think to graciously accept positive and meaningful praise from others is OK, but I don’t think it’s OK to boast and rave about one’s self because it’s a sign of immaturity, and it’s a melancholy commentary when people perpetuate self-gratification.

I applaud Mr. Obama for keeping it real.



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