Sanford isn't only cheater

This in no way condones the behavior of former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, but what a hypocritical opinion piece The Augusta Chronicle has written (“Where do you draw the line?” April 10).

While the paper has no difficulty in crucifying Mr. Sanford, The Chronicle chooses not to write an editorial piece – which it should do this week – about the behavior of Tiger Woods, who, by his own admission, while married, had many, many sexual encounters with women other than his wife – because he could. Instead we see articles in the media about Mr. Woods and how wonderful it is to have him back in the game, his standing in the world of golf, etc., etc., etc.

Mr. Woods is a terrible role model to everyone, from children to adults, as a male, a father and a husband. Whether or not he has any skill at the game of golf, his behavior was despicable – but you choose not to write an editorial about that this week, when Mr. Woods is so visible. I guess the money Mr. Woods brings into Augusta makes his sins less sinful than those of Mr. Sanford, in your opinion.


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