Don't let Benghazi fade

Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina reported that he has interviewed some of the survivors who are recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center from injuries suffered from the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, more than six months ago. Congress has not had access to the 30-some witnesses in the attack, and finds it difficult to even find out who they are and obtain any firsthand accounts of the tragedy since the attack! He stated that they said that they are afraid to come forward with their accounts, and have been told to keep quiet.

I don’t doubt Sen. Graham. Whether you are a government employee of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Diplomatic Consulate Services under the State Department, a member of the military or even an employee of a government contractor working in this field, the government has a hold on you!

I’ve stated before that I believe the president simply retired that evening to rest before his next-day campaign trip to Nevada, and that no one had the courage to disturb him, or all were under orders not to disturb him. Thus, no military intervention actions were taken to come to the aid of those under attack at Benghazi. If that was the case, there has been, out of necessity for his 2012 presidential re-election, a cover-up of the details.

Who’s to say that those survivors have not been forced to sign documents that ensure their secrecy since the attack, under threat of prosecution? If you were an individual in these circumstances, would you be willing to come forward, taking the risk of career-ending job loss or even prosecution?

I hope that the congressional investigation continues to attempt to find the truth in this matter and not simply allow it to just fade away, as I believe the administration would like to happen!



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