'A' for amateur and Augusta

I hope during the first round of the Masters Tournament, Georgia Regents University President Ricardo Azziz has an opportunity to follow Bubba Waston. Hopefully he will notice Bubba’s playing partner Steven Fox, the current U.S. Amateur champion. Dr. Azziz should please note what is on Steven’s cap. It’s a “C.” Yes, a “C” for the University of Chattanooga. If one day a player for the University of Augusta (the true school name) competes in the Masters, you can be assured he will not wear “GRU” on his cap because it is an embarrassment.

Azziz chose GRU against the wishes of Augusta, and he lied regarding the naming process. Hopefully soon a University of Augusta amateur will soon play this tournament and will proudly wear an “A” on his cap that Azziz can’t erase.



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