We are living at 11:59

My wife and I still are in awe, especially during this Easter season. Along with thousands of other women and men, we received an inspiring and moving message at the “Just Give Me Jesus” revival last September.

Billy Graham’s legacy certainly lives on through his daughter Anne Graham Lotz by reminding us that women were there for Jesus until the very end of Jesus’ life when most of the men were not. The women were the first ones at the site searching for the risen Lord at the Resurrection. Anne reminded us that the Holy Spirit is a person who will neither leave us nor forsake us.

It has been said that the Bible and a car’s owner’s manual are the two least-read books in America. Read these and you will get where you need to go! We don’t read the Bible nearly as much as it reads us!

When Hollywood and politicians in Washington – whose lives are as empty as a church on Monday morning – are trying to tell us how to live our lives, it’s surely good to know that a preacher from North Carolina is telling us what really matters.

I believe we are living at 11:59 and counting! Let’s get ready for the ride of our lives to worlds unknown!



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