What about the abortions?

The front-page article appearing in The Augusta Chronicle April 2 (“Animal shelter kill rate is high”) was much more than simply emotional for more than a few of the readers. It was stated that 9,650 animals had been admitted to our local animal shelter in the past year, and 66 percent, or 6,760, were euthanized. These numbers mostly reflect mature dogs and puppies as well as mature cats and kittens.


The Animal Services director stated that she and her staff found this to be emotionally taxing. I am sure most of those who read this article and had learned to love dogs and cats of all sizes found it to be to be equally distressing.

My thoughts immediately moved to our local abortion mills that have been very active for many years. In no way can I compare the killing of pets to that of babies, but unfortunately – as unrealistic as it is – with today’s mentality relative to abortion, one can easily make this most unrealistic comparison.

I moved to Augusta in 1983 and soon found the Planned Parenthood facility on Broad Street to be a very busy abortion activity. It was followed years later by the Professional Woman’s Center, which is also very busy with providing abortions for pregnant mothers from Augusta, as well as many from outside of our city.

It is most unfortunate that during the past 40 years many people have been desensitized to accepting the killing of babies as just another medical procedure without seriously considering the medical and moral realities. Medical science recognizes that a baby’s life begins at conception. Rational people recognize that all human life must be respected and protected from this point, until natural death.

In addition to the baby’s death, one must stop and also think about the numerous offspring that person would have had in the following generations, and the absolutely unlimited numbers of lives that would have occurred beyond the next few generations if its life had not been destroyed by abortion.

Abortion is a very serious decision. Unfortunately, the pro-abortion industry and those who support and defend it have redefined their action as pro-choice, which is an extremely poor choice of words. The poor innocent baby obviously has no opportunity to speak for itself.

The killing of innocent unborn babies is barbaric. Abortion kills innocent children and causes horrific consequences for the mothers who choose to kill their innocent children.

Unfortunately, we all realize we have grave problems in our nation, and in many areas of the world, that reflect a gross disrespect for life and its value. If we are truly godly people living in a godly nation as we once believed, the time is overdue to respect life at all stages and under all conditions.

I encourage Chronicle writer Wesley Brown, who wrote the exceptional article cited above, to seriously consider writing about abortion and its patients at the time of the procedure, and one, five and possibly 10 years later. This would be of great value for all to realize the damage and suffering that a great majority of the women carry silently thereafter. Also, it would be interesting to see an investigative report about people who had worked in an abortion mill who later came to realize the evil of abortion and to regret their parts in the process.

Vern J. Simon




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