Try online public schools

When it comes to our children’s education, there is always a huge debate on who is responsible for our children learning enough. Therefore, some parents have taken the option of using an online public charter school system that is free to the public to have more control and to ensure that their children are getting the best education they can provide.


Now it seems that these parents are being punished by boards of education because they have taken their kids out of the brick-and-mortar schools. These parents are being brought up on charges of truancy, negligence and deprivation because boards of education claim they have no way to monitor what the child is learning. It seems that if parents take charge of their kids’ education and can prove that their academic levels are the same, or in most cases better, then what is the problem?

With the overcrowding of classes and the lack of individual attention that teachers can provide for some of their students, wouldn’t it seem like a good thing that parents are getting more involved and alleviating some of these issues? Some of the problem stems from school boards not being familiar with how these online public schools work. Some also believe that the way things have always been done is satisfactory.

Ultimately, school boards need to be willing to accept that their way may not be the best way. I am sure there are many examples where the online public school system can benefit everyone in the education our children.

After all, every parent wants the best education for their kids so they become productive adults. Why not use all the tools available to make our children get the best education they can?

Lisa Thompson




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