Hoboes story was hyped

Regarding the recent article about six hoboes being arrested on train: Is The Augusta Chronicle telling me that anyone who attempts to steal a ride by hopping a freight train is automatically labeled a hobo?


Not only that, but it’s such big news the story appears on the front page of the Metro section with a big bold headline identifying them as such.

Bank robbers don’t get this kind of publicity.

After reading the story it became clear that these six young adults were on nothing more than an adventure. They had no weapons or drugs in their possession, and their canine partners in crime were well taken care of considering how much dog food was found in their backpacks.

Yes, I know what they did was a crime. I’m not questioning that. I do find it strange, though, that four of the six mug shots were almost void of color, making them look like vampires, in contrast to the two that actually contained color. I guess it’s much easier to demonize someone when they actually resemble demons.

My point is that with all of the violent crime and drug activity that seem to plague this city on a regular basis, these six young people meant no harm and are not a danger to society, as the story might suggest at first glance.

In no way am I condoning their crime, but I wonder how many of us have secretly harbored the romantic idea of hopping a freight train. Many a song has been written about just such a notion.

Whereas many just dream of the act, these six young people lived it.

May the judge have mercy on their souls.

John Glover




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