GRU name remedy is simple

It has been suggested to Georgia Regents University President Ricardo Azziz that he has some fences to mend. Being a Southern gentleman, I want to help. Dr Azziz may think the task of correcting the mess he has created to be impossible, but actually it is not as difficult as he might think if he will pursue the following four-step plan.


Step 1: Write the following letter:

Dear Board of Regents:

I hereby resign my position effective immediately. In my short time here in Augusta I polarized the city against me, been dishonest with its citizens and insulted the traditions of the school I was sent to unite. The wounds caused by me are mortal and cannot be corrected as long as I remain at my post.

Finally I strongly recommend the name of the newly combined schools be changed immediately to the University of Augusta. This is the honorable direction since the original naming process was a fraud. I have learned the people of Augusta are proud people who love their community and cherish its traditions.

Going forward, my replacement would be wise to listen to the pulse of the people who live in the greater Augusta area, treating them with respect instead of arrogance.

Yours very truly,

Ricardo Azziz

Step 2: Sign the letter. Step 3: Submit the letter. Step 4: Leave town.

Fences mended, problem solved.





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