Our benefits are squandered

I am astounded at the lack of fiscal responsibility permeating Washington, D.C., from the White House to the halls of Congress. This tax-and-spend mentality will be the downfall of this once-great nation.


Long before Barack Obama was ever mentioned as a presidential candidate, I remember hearing how, when the baby boomers started reaching retirement age, it would cause a strain on Social Security and Medicare because of fewer people contributing to the systems. There would be more people on retirement than would be working, and that made sense to me.

Now this was before the government started giving free medical care and a bunch of other free services to people in the United States illegally. Now that we are giving free benefits to illegals in this country, the Medicare and Social Security pots are basically disappearing for us real American citizens who have been contributing to these systems all our lives. There is something very wrong with this, and if our politicians on Capitol Hill do not wake up we are headed toward being a bankrupt nation.

Expecting nearly 50 percent of Americans to pay income taxes for the other nearly 50 percent of Americans escaping income taxes one way or another was bad enough. Now the nearly 50 percent of Americans paying income taxes are being burdened by the nearly 50 percent of Americans escaping income taxes, plus all these illegals being permitted to pour into our country and receive free benefits. Having nearly 50 percent of my hard-earned income taxed by such a corrupt federal government makes me wonder about the mentality of our president and those in Congress.

My definition of welfare is to provide assistance to those American citizens who are unable to work because of some mental or physical ailment, or who have simply earned the right to retire. I have no problem at all contributing to truly needy American citizens. I do have a serious problem having my income taxed to support able-bodied Americans who are collecting welfare simply because the government allows them to.

I also have a very serious problem having my income taxed to provide free cell phones for these lazy, able-bodied Americans who refuse to earn their keep. If that is not a corrupt federal government benefit, I do not know what is. I have had people tell me just that, too – they are getting welfare because they can! To me that is robbing those who really are infirm and in need of it, so why does the federal government allow it?

It’s all part of socialism. True freedom-loving Americans had better wake up before it’s too late – if it’s not already.

Anthony Fulmer

Aiken, S.C.



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