Marina name awful

Before Classic City Marinas spends three years and millions of dollars developing a marina in Leah, it might want to do research.


A group in 1987 called “Keep Our Lake Clarks Hill” had more than 72,000 names on a petition to keep the name Clarks Hill Lake as it had been for the previous 42 years. Although powerful U.S. Sen. Strom Thurmond would have none of this nonsense, he moved to rename the lake over the objection of those Georgians and South Carolinians who signed the petition.

Fighting powerful Sen. Thurmond proved in vain, so Phil White, many local citizens and I shifted our focus. With the help of state Sen. Bill Jackson, the late state Sen. Jack Connell and other great legislators, a new law was passed stating that all non-federal Georgia road signs, maps, fishing licenses and other printed material shall retain the name Clarks Hill Lake.

Does Classic City Marinas think the 72,000-plus local petitioners think Thurmond Marina is a good name for this new marina? I don’t think so. Maybe some of those petitioners need to put some ink to paper and just let these developers know how we local folks feel!

Roy Giles



Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:16

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