Dean was tried unfairly

I read with great interest the March 14 letter to the editor by Kathy Fullbright from Harlem about Scott Dean (“Scott Dean must be freed”).


I have known Scott for many years, and was one of several character witnesses at his trial. He wasn’t guilty then and still is not guilty. He was wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned. I always have said that it was politically motivated.

Scott was not one of the good ol’ boys in Columbia County and was on the wrong side of the political fence. He was for the people who elected him and not the politicians. I always have felt that the court was prejudiced in its rulings and that he did not get a fair trial. I ask the public this question: If you were innocent and were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned, how would you handle it?

I think an entirely unbiased judge should be appointed to review this case; prosecute his adopted daughter for perjury and stealing; and possibly censure the judge and prosecutor involved. I was not aware that it was acceptable to write to Scott at the prison, and apologize for failing to do so, but that I can correct. Turn Scott Dean loose now!

Donald W. Turner


Scott Dean must be freed


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